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Bill # Bill Topic Session
HB18-1159 Supplemental Approp - Dept Of Ed 2018a
HR18-1003 Amend House Rule 35 Notice Of Intent To Reconsider 2018a
HR18-1004 The DREAM Act 2018a
SJM18-002 Eliminate Energy Subsidies 2018a
HB18-1036 Reduce Business Personal Property Taxes 2018a
SB18-075 Campaign Contribution Limits School Dist Dir 2018a
SB18-080 Wholesale Canadian Drug Importation Program 2018a
SB18-029 Development of Marijuana Tracking Technology 2018a
SB18-117 Collect Long-term Climate Change Data 2018a
SB18-048 Protect Act Local Gov Auth Oil & Gas Facilities 2018a
SB18-118 Local School Board Authority Over Charter Schools 2018a
HB18-1082 A Woman's Right To Accurate Health Care Info 2018a
HJR18-1004 U.S.S. Pueblo 2018a
HJR18-1010 Honoring The Fallen 2018 2018a
SB18-057 Use Of Criminal Records With Respect To Housing 2018a
SB18-113 Circle Substance Use Disorder Treatment Prog 2018a
SJR18-004 Missing Persons Day 2018a
SB18-153 Behavioral Health Care Related To Suicide Ideation 2018a
SB18-045 Repeal Architectural Paint Stewardship Act 2018a
SB18-037 Sentences For Habitual Criminals 2018a
HB18-1018 Human Trafficking Commercial Driver's License 2018a
HJR18-1003 Military Day 2018 2018a
HJR18-1009 Designate Don Stratton Bridge 2018a
HJR18-1005 Recognizing African-American Veterans 2018a
HB18-1161 Supplemental Approp - Dept Of HCPF 2018a