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Bill # Bill Topic Session
HB19-1051 CDPS Human Trafficking-related Training 2019a
HB19-1052 Early Childhood Development Special District 2019a
HB19-1053 Computer Science Courses Offered In Schools 2019a
HB19-1054 Disability Trust Requirements 2019a
HB19-1055 Public School Cap Constr Financial Assistance 2019a
HB19-1056 Election Day Holiday In Place Of Columbus Day 2019a
HB19-1057 Publish County Financial Reports Online Annually 2019a
HB19-1058 Income Tax Benefits For Family Leave 2019a
HB19-1059 Remove Redundant Language In Educator Licensing 2019a
HB19-1060 Repeal CDPHE Health Facility Life Safety Statutes 2019a
HB19-1061 Zero-based Budgeting Review Principal Departments 2019a
HB19-1062 Grand Junction Regional Center Campus 2019a
HB19-1063 At-risk Information Sharing Between County Depts 2019a
HB19-1064 Victim Notification Criminal Proceedings 2019a
HB19-1065 Public Hospital Boards Of Trustees 2019a
HB19-1066 Counting Special Education In Graduation Rates 2019a
HB19-1067 Motor Vehicle Window Tint 2019a
HB19-1068 Repeal CDPHE Preparation Operational Planning 2019a
HB19-1069 Sign Language Interpreters Title Certification 2019a
HB19-1070 CDPHE Cancer Drug Testing 2019a
HB19-1071 CDPHE Water Quality Control 2019a
HB19-1072 Require Traffic Signals Cycle Yellow Before Green 2019a
HB19-1073 Law Enforcement Information Sharing Grant Prog 2019a
HB19-1074 Daylight Saving Time Exemption 2019a
HB19-1075 Tax Credit Employer-assisted Housing Pilot Program 2019a