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Bill # Bill Topic Session
SB18-120 Time Period For Tenant To Cure Unpaid Rent 2018a
SB18-115 Apply Stark Laws To Med Referrals Outside Medicaid 2018a
SB18-140 Motor Vehicle & Vulnerable Road User Penalties 2018a
SB18-199 Increase Penalty For Peace Officer Assaults 2018a
SB18-214 Request Self-sufficiency Waiver Medicaid Program 2018a
SB18-190 Bd County Commns Delegation Land Use Decisions 2018a
HB18-1133 Marijuana Processor Registration 2018a
HB18-1149 Sunset Continue Consumer Insurance Council 2018a
HB18-1084 County Lodging Tax Revenue Allowable Uses 2018a
HB18-1014 Social Studies Assessment In High Schools 2018a
HB18-1016 Honor The Service Of The Seabees 2018a
HB18-1192 Application Assistance Federal Disability Benefits 2018a
HB18-1222 Systematic Review Of Education Programs 2018a
HB18-1107 Prewire Residence For E-vehicle Charging Port 2018a
HB18-1121 No Funding Trafficking Aborted Human Body Parts 2018a
HB18-1106 Minimum Wage Requirement Waiver 2018a
HB18-1037 Concealed Handguns On School Grounds 2018a
HB18-1151 CWCB Approve Deficit Irrigation Pilot Projects 2018a
HB18-1201 Severance Tax Voter-approved Revenue Change 2018a
HJR18-1007 Role of CO In Space And Cyber Defense 2018a
HB18-1293 FY 18-19 Legislative Appropriation Bill 2018a
HB18-1216 Youth Shooting Light Geese Hunting Permit 2018a
SR18-004 Great Outdoors Colorado And Veterans Programs 2018a
HB18-1089 No Monetary Conditions Of Bond For Misdemeanors 2018a
HB18-1022 DOR Issue Sales Tax Request For Information 2018a