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Bill # Bill Topic Session
HB19-1101 Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union Participation 2019a
HB19-1102 Nonanimal & Lab-grown Meat Misbranding 2019a
HB19-1103 Protect Human Life At Conception 2019a
HB19-1104 Rights Of Persons Ofc Respondent Parents' Counsel 2019a
HB19-1105 Nurse Practitioner Workers' Compensation 2019a
HB19-1106 Rental Application Fees 2019a
HB19-1107 Employment Support Job Retention Services Program 2019a
HB19-1108 Nonresident Electors & Special Districts 2019a
HB19-1109 Convalescent Centers As Pharmacies 2019a
HB19-1110 Media Literacy 2019a
HB19-1111 Training Requirement For CO Civil Rights Commn 2019a
HB19-1112 Child Safety Accounts 2019a
HB19-1113 Protect Water Quality Adverse Mining Impacts 2019a
HB19-1114 Agriculture Commissioner Farm Produce Safety 2019a
HB19-1115 Assault On Detention Workers 2019a
HB19-1116 Hunter Education Courses In Public Schools 2019a
HB19-1117 Regulation Of Professions & Occupations Reform 2019a
HB19-1118 Time Period To Cure Lease Violation 2019a
HB19-1119 Peace Officer Internal Investigation Open Records 2019a
HB19-1120 Youth Mental Hlth Ed & Suicide Prevention 2019a
HB19-1121 Fifth-year High School & ASCENT Prog Students 2019a
HB19-1122 CDPHE Maternal Mortality Review Committee 2019a
HB19-1123 Income Tax Deduction For 529 Acct K-12 Expenses 2019a
HB19-1124 Protect CO Residents From Federal Gov Overreach 2019a
HJR19-1001 Canvass Of Votes 2019a